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The first thing would be to offer other kinds of services together with the normal lawn care services. As you have won their trust, it would be better if you go further to maximize this customer value. It is possible for you to add services that are year-end like dethatching, over seeding, core aeration and winterization. This is a fine way to make more money from your clients who have already show their commitment to your services. You can also add advertising to your lawn care business by education people about the need to make their lawns green and plush. This would then open numerous doors for you to grow in seasons ahead. With a marketing campaign which is focused on year-end lawn care, the sky is certainly the limit. Get additional information at lawn care software for ipad.

Time for lawn care business
Apart from this you can also create a website for your lawn care business. In times of winter snow, this is the best way to re-strategize by developing a great website as you wait for the season to start. Even though this is not compulsory, when done it would offer you a special advantage over your competitors. The fact is that more people are going to the internet each and every day to find information with regards to their lawns. Therefore with a website that is well designed it would capture their attention and with contact information, they would be flocking to your company very soon.

There is the need to also create a customer newsletter. This is meant to strengthen the relationship between you and the customers. During the summer months the customers would be thinking about, so why not also think about them during the winter seasons. This way you get a real presence in their minds. This should not be complex and would have to contain some vital information about lawn care to position you as an expert in the field. It is another way of also marketing your services to people and as such should have a personal touch.